Value Proposition

Effective and thorough talent solutioning delivering proven results through developing long-term relationships and networks.

Value Add:

Saving time: taking the pain out of search because this is our core business.

Saving money: time is money, we shorten hiring lifecycles and have invested ourselves in developing systems, processes and technology to support exceptional turnaround times.

Thorough and attentive: we are not transactional “CV senders”, you will enjoy a proactive engagement characterized by ongoing feedback and updates throughout the process, in order to ensure that results and goals are met.

Talent consulting services: talent evaluation and management, interview guidance, designing job descriptions, referencing, outsourced recruitment partnership, improvement in recruitment processes and hit rates.

Personal and high touch recruiting and search: we promise quality and attention to detail.

Thorough and detailed referencing and background checks.

Measurement: We track and measure everything in the process in order to improve the hiring manager and candidate experience, talk to us in order to improve your hiring process.


Our search commences with an understanding of the client’s industry, business strategy, unique team needs and technology environment.

Competency-based interviewing, 360 degree referencing, due diligence augmented by assessments, in order to assess the right team, person and role fit.

Nothing is left to chance. Using a proven methodology with the speed of contingency recruiting and the thoroughness of a search process.


Success is defined by delivery of our service and the impact of the person hired. We are committed to assist you in securing a lasting, successful hire.

We offer a track record of 19 years successful delivery.


Specialized roles, where the candidate is harder to find and where the impact of success or failure is the greatest.


We access talent with a high degree of confidentiality and respect. Partnering with candidates for the long term works hand-in-hand for a successful hire.